Kina's priorities...

Kina strongly believes that elevating and serving students within the Bend-La Pine Schools District is truly the greatest investment in our community. As Kina likes to say, these kids are going to be running Bend someday! 

Student and Educator wellbeing, both mentally and physically

The residual consequences of the Pandemic has students displaying greater dysregulated emotions, which is creating higher rates of disrupted learning in the classroom. Many students are still experiencing a fixed mindset (i.e., fight or flight mentality), which is incredibly challenging for them and their peers to learn. We need more counselors in schools to help regulate students, allowing teachers to teach.

Greater diversity

Currently, the demographics of our Educators and Staff do not represent the diversity of our students. Research shows that when students of color and students who are LGBTQIA2S+ have adults in their lives who share similar identities, students are more successful because they see these adults as competent and thriving role models. On the other hand, students who are White gain a greater appreciation for differences and all students gain higher levels of empathy. The Youth Truth survey results show a devastating reality for students who are LGBTQIA2S+ and/or students of color. Their responses are significantly less favorable than those of their peers when responding to questions about feeling welcomed or having teachers care about them.

Peer to peer mentorship within and across schools

Kina has had the privilege of working with students from different schools at the Youth Equity Leadership Summit, monthly Alliance meetings, and the Restorative Justice & Equity Town Hall Symposium. The message is loud and clear! Students want more events outside of school that will allow them to build relationships with peers from other schools, leading to greater community collaboration and involvement. Students also want more peer to peer mentor opportunities.

Increased opportunities for parents/caregivers, students, Educators, and the School Board of Directors to connect

The safety, health and academic achievement of students is the responsibility of the entire community. Kina would facilitate more ways for constituents to share what’s going well in schools and offer space where folks can also focus on solutions to challenges.

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